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4 Reasons to Call a Child Support Attorney

Could a child support attorney help your case when it heads to court? It is advisable to speak to a child support attorney new haven ct if you are preparing to head to court over the matter in the near future. Whether you are paying or receiving child support, you may find yourself back in court for many reasons. When there is an attorney there, the situation is better all the way around. Look at these four reasons to call a child support attorney and make that call if the situation arises.

1.    You want to raise the amount of child support you receive. This is a step that you will take when there is an income increase of 15% or greater. You should file a petition to modify child support in such situation.

2.    Do you feel like the amount of child support you pay is more than you can afford? Have there been significant changes in your income? You may also file a modification order to potentially reduce this amount.

3.    Do you need to establish an order of paternity? You should consult with an attorney to learn the proper steps to take to establish paternity. Retain the attorney to ensure that you get proper representation at this time.

4.    You want to establish a support order for the children. This can be a lengthy process, especially if you are unprepared. Luckily, you can hire a child support attorney to forego the hassle and get the order in place much quicker.

child support attorney new haven ct

Child support keeps children happy and healthy. It is the right of the custodial parent to receive child support and for the non-custodial parent to pay an amount that is deemed fair by the courts. Make sure there is an attorney there to help you get what is right in this matter.